Friday, August 2, 2013

Scammer Warning: Using photos of porn model Sara Sexton. Sara is a victim of this criminal fraud using her face and photos. 

The profile of victoriasmith.


30, Female, philadelphia, WausauWisconsinUnited States
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About me:
am victoria 30year old like good people........ and love making friends contact me here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> or text me 4149396873
I'm looking for:
II am victoria by name and I am 30 years Old and i am from pine river Wisconsin .I am single. I have a hearing impairment, I prefer texting than talking on phone. This is some reason why I came online to search for someone who is caring and loving ..I am family oriented, affectionate, and a great cook..... I am in search of a good man to settle down with(must be sneaking or creeping). Also, you must have a relationship with God...without him, there is no me or you. I am a young lady and I carry myself in such a manner, To be attractive doesn't mean that u have to be half naked to get someone's attention. Ladies we can be beautiful with clothes on. By the way, I speak English only, not slang. I'm looking for a real man that knows how to treat a real lady and I am conservative, but am adventurous and love doing things with someone who very much enjoys being with me and I with him. I like to curl up in front of a fire with that special someone
if not to watch TV or a movie then just to relax and enjoy talking and each others warmth. I'm a down to earth real open-minded, spiritual woman, I don't hide my feelings when it comes to the matters of the heart. I want to share my life with someone who will love me for who and what I am and I will return that also in return. I am very happy with who I am as a person, and I want to share & experience LIFE with a man who can share, and enjoy Companionship, and what I have and who will treasure my Heart as i will theirs. I have a good Heart and I’m caring. "I am looking for someone who will Love me for who I am Honesty, friendship, giving, understanding, and love for one another is what I am looking for, that will lead to a long term Relationship and Marriage. I can appreciate, take care, Love and treat Him with lots of love and respect .I am also looking for a, man with good values and morals, that will appreciate me and treat me right. I am a
Christian and dependent, I am a very self motivated individual, plus I am very courteous, kind and affectionate. I enjoy long walks, wine/candles, dining, movies and soft music. I love children. I am open minded, Very HONEST & like a good conversation on most any subject. I enjoy taking Long walks with someone special, Basketball, music, studying the Bible. I do live alone I am not an alcoholic, I do NOT smoke, or take drugs either. I do drink alcoholic beverages on an occasion. I go to Church. I am Faithful, reliable & Someone you can count on. I am being 100% Truthful with You. I live in a very Nice and Peaceful Neighborhood. I am loving and Sincere. I love both mental and physical Intimacy with a man. I am willing to Marry for Any Nice Mature man..I am willing to make a Commitment. I vow to be Faithful in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad until death do Us part..... with that special someone. I am open minded and spontaneous at times
and love to laugh & have a good time. I'm a woman who takes pride in claiming these characteristics of Myself, and I'd like to share them with one special man. I am very honest, sincere, healthy, Intelligent, caring, loyal woman. Looking for the same in a man, someone who is compassionate, caring, one who can communicate, and is a one woman man who will love me and I love him in return too. I am just a down to earth person who loves real people.I am more concerned about a persons "Insides" than their outer. The rest is truly just packaging and can be changed in an instant, so one's true beauty lies within their heart and soul. The smile is the doorway to the heart, and the eyes are the window to the soul. The "Insides" remain while the outside can be altered at anytime. The "Insides" is what you have to live with. I want someone knows how to I hope you do understand my life as i am explain to you here .I am waiting for your reply back ...

Places I've Traveled To:
new york, pennsylvania, london

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