Sunday, January 27, 2013


I think I will just add to this as I receive them, These are those in Dakar Senegal that send out mail much like what I posted in my first few blogs. The old story of being a refugee (Please remember the truth, There are no refugee camps in Senegal.) and parents were killed in war in Africa, Father was an important man, had millions of $$$$ in foriegn bank accounts and now she needs help having the money transferred to her husband to be, which will be whoever responds and is willing to give out their full name, address, and bank account number to someone (the reverend who runs the fake refugee camp) in Senegal.  


prudence23, Germany46×10
Hello dear (prudencebasekou@ )
Am Prudence, i love your profile and i will like to be your friend. please write me back through my email address for more detail about me and my picture as well and i have something important to discus with you and let you know about me (prudencebasekou@ )Thanks.

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